About DoggyTread

Joshua Whitley,
the founder of Doggytread, describes his time in the computer industry as:

“If it plugged into the wall and it wasn’t acting right, then I got the phone call.”

He spent 10 years providing computer services to small businesses, and 5 years providing enterprise support to large corporate entities and governmental agencies. The complex interactions of software and hardware manufactured by different vendors required frequent research and unique solutions.

When his 5.5 year old Rottweiler began experiencing arthritis and hip inflammation, he then used his problem-solving skills to assemble what is now known as the “Doggytread Protocol”.

The Doggytread Protocol empowers dog owners with straightforward and easily understandable techniques practiced in the privacy of their home.

The primary components of the Doggytread Protocol are:

A used treadmill designed for human beings.

Raw diet using human grade food available at any grocery store.

Plant medicine: primarily CBD and turmeric.

Doggytread is an organic and regenerative hemp company based in Eugene, Oregon. Doggytread was founded by Applied Scientist Joshua Whitley; Joshua Whitley possesses a B.S. of Applied Science in Information Systems Technology from Southern Illinois University and 15 years experience in the computer industry.

Doggytread grew it’s inaugural, federally compliant hemp crop in 2019 using organic and regenerative agricultural practices. In 2020, Doggytread is excited to be growing dryland heirloom squash as a foundation for a line of dog treats

Joshua Whitley is “fond of fuzzy little critters” and has cared for dogs, cats, mice, gerbils, ferrets, snakes, lizards, chickens, turkeys, and spiders as pets in his lifetime. He was co-owner of 22 dairy goats, has been growing organic food for 25 years, and enjoys partner dancing in his free time.

Joshua Whitley holding knee-high red clover, which is used as a cover crop.

Joshua Whitley holding knee-high
red clover, which is used as a cover crop.